Fighting a Speeding Ticket

For the past years, many states depend for their revenues from fines of vehicles on the road. It is estimated that around $2billion is garnered annually to fill-up the state’s coffers. Drivers are kept on their toes (fighting a ticket) and must be prepared for the high tech devices installed by DOT as VASCAR stop watch calculators, stationary radar, speed traps, speed cameras, hidden cameras, or just and simple visual observation.

Paying for a ticket or not:

After you (got caught speeding) and issued a ticket, should you pay for the ticket or fight a ticket? If you pay the ticket immediately, you are admitting guilt automatically; besides you are given 90 days to enter a plea or pay the fine, so take time to explore your options. If you opt not to pay, you can hire a speeding car (lawyer for tickets) that will assist you putting up a spirited defense so you have a good chance of winning.

Help tips to fight a ticket:

Tip #1 – When pulled over by the police for speeding, be calm, just present your license, registration, insurance card and accept the ticket. You don’t have to say anything more as you have the right to stay silent.

QV8QCsETip # 2 – Decide to fight a ticket and hope the traffic officer does not show up in court. It is a fact that officers commonly do not often show up to contest their tickets, but sometimes they do so it is best to have an alternate defense.

Tip # 3 – Hire a (lawyer for tickets) to help you face the charges. Your legal counsel is aware that there are already attacks on the legality of speeding issues and some cases have been successfully dropped after evidences have been presented.

125rmexTip # 4 – Your lawyer in court will be asking for information about the radar gun that recorded your speed. You should also find out when the radar gun was last calibrated before your ticket was issued. Request that all documents and other evidence be actually produced.

Tip # 5 – Build up the case that if you were speeding, it was justified or excusable. Return to the site where you were ticketed and check if there is speed limit sign or covered by foliage. A photo of this will be a good evidence to convince the court that there was a good reason for your driving in excess of the speed limit.

Tip # 6 – You can always claim that you were speeding because of an emergency; you (g0t caught speeding) in order to avoid serious injury to yourself or others. For instance: you were forced to speed because you had to go to the drugstore to fill a prescription of your son who was having a fit of asthma back home (and this is the truth).

Tip # 7 – There are unavoidable factors that caused vehicle to speed above the posted limit as: an act of nature such as a gust of wind that blew over the truck next to you, or the falling tree that you had to swerve to avoid; avoiding a reckless or negligent driving of another person on the road; or a road defect such as a pothole, a missing stoplight, or a stop sign that had been stolen recently.

Tip # 8 – Show proper demeanor in court by acting calm, reasonable and rational. Between you and the police officer, you’ll have a far better recollection of the offence while he will be relying on his notes. Be economical with your words; in fact, it is better if your lawyer will do all the talking.

Fighting A Ticket

In conclusion:

Fighting a speeding ticket is no big deal as you simply take the time to go to the courthouse to contest it. You have many options available. In the end, you may be lucky enough to have the ticket thrown out or you could still have the cost of the ticket reduced. When you (got caught speeding), your insurance premium will increase premiums, you should certainly get help from a (lawyer for tickets) to handle your case. In the long run, hiring a speeding lawyer to help you in (fighting a ticket) is much less expensive than just accepting the consequences of your speeding ticket. A traffic ticket is something horrific but the good news is that you can always challenge it in traffic courts!

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